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Eurax (crotamiton) is a topical scabicidal and antipruritic representative prescribed for symptomatic procedure of pruritic skin and removal of scabies. You should not use this treatment if you have delicate skin and allergic reaction, or your skin gets effortlessly inflamed in response to topical medicine. If you create intense inflammation, Stop utilizing this medication and consult your physician right away. This therapy is planned for your skin just. Do not apply it to cuts, chapped, completely dry skin, eyes or mouth. Eurax has not been stated to create any sort of medicine interactions. If you have any signs of allergic reaction quit taking it and call your medical professional.

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It is not known whether Eurax could harm an unborn baby or impact the female's reproduction capability. If plainly really needed and make sure the advantages surpass prospective threats, use this medicine just. A few of the side impacts consisted of dermatitis, irritation, rash, sensitive sensitiveness, and pruritis can be demonstrated by a few people. If you take place to mistakenly take in Eurax you could experience queasiness, buccal inflammation, esophageal or stomach mucose, stomach discomfort and vomiting. In that case contact your regional emergency situation room for medical assistance.

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